Masters Cricket League Ptv Sports Biss Key


Masters Cricket League


Date 28.01.2016

Ptv Sports Biss Key

PTV Sports is official sports
channel in Pakistan and this sports

Masters Champions League MCL 2020 UAE

channel telecast all the major sports events in Pakistan. PTV Sports not only provide its services within Pakistan but this sports channel holds huge fans club in Dubai, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
PTV Sports is going to telecast all the matches of this cricket event and cricket lovers in Pakistan can enjoy all the matches of Masters Champion League on PTV Sports. This channel also broadcast these matches in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.
PTV Sports will telecast all the clashes of Masters Champion league and cricket fans can entertain with each and every moment of this cricket event on PTV Sports. Before and after matches different analyst will also join PTV Sports and give their expert opinions regarding to the matches


FREQ:4004 V 15555 FEC 3/4
PAKSAT 1R @ 38.0 East
Service ID : 0004
Date 28.01.2016  PTV Sport Biss  Frequency
Date 28.01.2016
Biss 5132 13 CC 9A DD EC CC
PTV feed
Biss: 0786 66F3 2291 10C3
Biss Key No.2 : 5132 13AA 9ADD ECAA
Biss Key for China Receiver
Biss: 51 32 13 96 9A DD EC 63
Biss: 51 32 13 00 9A DD EC 00