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Update 12.09.2016

Asiasat 7 105.5’E  MPEG 2/SD

TP:3690 V 11110 SiD:000B

Biss key: D2 BE 5A EA BC 67 F8 1B

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BTV_NATIONAL Apstar 7 (76’E)
TP:4130 V 11395 SID:0011 MPEG-2
D2BE 5A00 BC67 F800
D2 BE 5A EA BC 67 F8 1B
D2 34 5A 60 BC 67 8F B2

Airing international programs

From the late 1980s to the late 2000s, BTV aired lots of international programs, including children’s TV shows, cartoons, and many popular English TV series. BTV did not encourage dubbing those shows, as this was seen as a step in pushing children and adults alike to get acquainted with the English language and its various accents outside of the regular academic environment and in a fully entertaining form.

Some of the many popular English TV programs and cartoons aired on BTV were:

  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers
  • Mystery of the Dark Jungle
  • Care Bears
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Dallas
  • Dynasty
  • Faerie Tale Theatre
  • Family Ties
  • Fantastic Four
  • Hawaii Five-O
  • Knight Rider
  • Law & Order
  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  • MacGyver
  • Miami Vice
  • Mr. Bean
  • Perfect Strangers
  • Raven
  • Small Wonder
  • Smurfs
  • Spellbinder
  • Spenser: For Hire (TV Series 1985–1988)
  • Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • The A-Team
  • The Bill Cosby Show
  • The Equalizer (TV Series 1985–1989)
  • The Girl from Tomorrow
  • The Twilight Zone
  • The X-Files
  • Thunder Cats
  • Time Trax
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Twin Peaks
  • Woody Woodpecker
  • Robocop
  • The Adventures of Sinbad
  • Hercules
  • The New Adventures of Robin Hood
  • Dark Justice
  • Thunder in Paradise
  • The Fall Guy
  • Peter Pan
  • The Miraculous Mellops
  • Tales of the Gold Monkey
  • Earth Final Conflict
  • Enid Blyton series/Show
  • The New Adventures of Jonny Quest
  • Oshin
  • Ocean Girl
  • Sky Trackers
  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (TV Series 1972–1975)
  • The Wizard
  • The Sensitive Samurai
  • Samurai X
  • The Three Stooges
  • Alif Laila
  • The Sword of Tipu Sultan
  • Babar (TV series)
  • Brum (TV series)
  • Voltron


Bangladesh Television (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ টেলিভিশন), also known by the acronym BTV, is the state-owned Television network in Bangladesh. It started broadcasting as Pakistan Television in what was then East Pakistan on 25 December 1964. It was renamed Bangladesh Television after the independence in 1971. Broadcasts in full colour started in 1980. About 2 million televisions receive transmissions from the network’s 17 relay stations.[1]



BTV has a national channel which is broadcast from Dhaka. This transmission is relayed to the whole country via local relay stations in major cities of the country. There is also a regional station located in Chittagong which broadcasts local programmes in the evening. In the mid-1990s the national TV channel started to broadcast the news programs of BBC and CNN. In 2004, BTV started worldwide broadcasts through its satellite based branch, BTV World.

BTV is primarily financed through the television licence fees. Although it has produced many award-winning programmes, it has often been criticised for being the mouth-piece of the ruling government and their lack of quality entertaining programmes.[2]