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i24 News English TV channel frequency for News broadcasts direct from the Israel , 24-hour non-stop on the satellite European Eutelsat Hotbird 13B @ 13 ° East and works on Full coverage of Europe and the Middle East, and also parts of Africa and Asia.

I24 News English i24 News English TV channel

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To receive i24 News English TV via satellite European Eutelsat Hotbird 13B With a strong signal quality They are available on cable, you need to tune your equipment to the correct frequencies yourself, We present to you in our site “Akasat” All satellite frequencies channels up to date, We seek to provide the best of our satellite Digital channels updates, And information to receive The strongest frequency, Now, with a table of reception details on your receiver.

I24 News English Television

Channel Receiver Information
Satellite Name Hot Bird 13B
Orbital position 13° East
Frequency 11470
Polarisation vertical
Style Mode DVB-S/MPEG-2
Symbol Rate 27500
FEC 5/6
Standard SD
Country Israel
Category News
Packages  Satlink
Encryption Clear
SID Code 24
Video PID 2041
Audio PID 2042 eng
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