Zong 4G internet Sim 2017 Packages Price



Zong 4G internet Sim 2017 Packages Price Data Check Booking Offer: In Pakistan Zong internet sale is increasing day by day due to fastest 4G internet service. This is fact Zong telecom 4G internet service is working in all over Pakistan without any signal and slow speed problem. Zong 4G internet is offering different devices, USB and Sim. Here we are sharing Zong 4G telecom internet Sim booking, purchasing, offers, bundles, Volume, Price and validity details. if you want to use internet through your mobile with Zong 4G service then your mobile must be supportive with 4G technology. Zong 4G telecom service Bundle Sim is available in marketing on every Zong customer care service branch. Zong 4G Sim 2017 is offering different packages like 1month, 3 months, 1night and 1 day with different packages. Zong 4G Sim more details are printed on following paragraphs for mobile internet users.

Bundle Volume Price Validity
1 Month Bundles 3GB 500 1 Month
10GB 800 1 Month
24GB 1,500 1 Month
50GB 2,000 1 Month
3 Month Bundles 3GB/Month 1,000 3 Months
10GB/Month 1,800 3 Months
GNO 1GB/Night
(1 am-9 am)
200 As Per Bundle
(9 am-4 pm)
500 As Per Bundle
Zong 4G internet Sim 2017 Packages Price Data Check Booking Offer


4G internet Service

Zong 4G internet Sim 2017 Packages Details:

  • Zong 4G Sim 2017 1 month Bundles — Volume 3G, 10Gb, 24Gb, 50GB —- Price 3GB 500PKR, 10GB 800PKR, 24GB 1500 PKR, 50GB 2000PKR —- Validity 1 month

  • 2month Bundles Zong 4G Sim —– 3GB, 10GB volume — Price 3GB month 1000, 10GB Month 1800 —- Validity 3 months

  • Zong 4G Sim GNO—- Volume 1GB Night 1am to 9am — Price 200

  • Zong 4G internet SIM DTO — Volume 1GB — Validity one day —- Time 9am to 4pm —- Price 500′

Zong 4G internet Sim 2017 Offer booking:

Client will purchase Sim through Retailer and Franchise

Packages Activation method for Zong 4G internet Sim 2017:

Dial *6666# for internet SIM

Zong user will subscribe all packages through about mentioned code. After this dial code different packages option will display on your mobile through message. All Subscriber will easily get any package if their sim is available with enough requires balance. Zong 4G internet Sim 2017 Packages Price Data Check Booking Offer is one if the best options for mobile internet users.