Zong Tickles Jazz With New Ad

Zong has Jazz in its crosshairs and the issue at hand is data speeds. The company behind Pakistan’s largest 4G network released an advert targeting Jazz and called them out for low internet speeds.

Titled “Ride the Right Network”, the ad depicts Zong as the green Ferrari on the left and Jazz as the red Foxy on the right.

Observers can quickly spot what’s the real message and intent behind the ad.
As evident from the number plate of the Foxy, JZ3G is a reference to Jazz 3G. Jazz offered 3G before the merger with Warid under the Jazz 3G so the call out is an obvious one.

Not to mention the red color, which is the same as Jazz’s original color, leaves little to the imagination as well,

It seems that Zong is under pressure due to the merger between Warid and Mobilink. The newly formed brand is named Jazz and is offering 4G too. It would be competing directly with Zong which is why the company seems to have released this advert.

The ad depicts quite a playful dig at its new competitor.
We have seen Mobilink doing such things to other networks (Ufone and Telenor), but Zong has taken aim at a competing operator after a long time.

This new ad would actually call for a reply since its usual for Pakistani operators to respond to such challenges over media.

Lets see how Jazz responds to the ad as the gauntlet has been thrown down.