FPSC’s Official Response on News That CSS Exam Papers Were Leaked

FPSC's Official Response on News That CSS Exam



Throughout the end of the week, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) was vigorously reprimanded over the matter of spilled CSS Exam address papers. A man named Sadia Kousar released the papers around 20 days before the exam date.




FPSC’s Official Response on News That CSS Exam Papers Were Leaked

The Incident

The woman posted the English paper on January 26 while the genuine paper was hung on February 16. She likewise said inquiries from the Current Affairs exam on January 31. Individuals guaranteed that these were similar inquiries which showed up in the paper. Gossipy tidbits were additionally coursing that on mystery online networking bunches that papers can be purchased for Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000. Consequently understudies were given stick codes to get to papers.

Individuals took to the online networking over the poor administration of the FPSC and faulted the resigned administrators who were still utilized by the division rather than scholastics. It was proposed that if the break was genuine, FPSC ought to be embarrassed and driving administration ought to be changed something else, move ought to be made against Sadia Kousar under the digital rime charge for spreading the wrong data.

It was additionally guaranteed this was an endeavor to hurt the distinction of the CSS exams. FIA propelled an investigation into the matter on Saturday. The FPSC Chairman, Naveed Akram Cheema, denied the assertions yet said he couldn’t remark on the matter.

FPSC’s Official Response

Presently, the FPSC has shared a public statement as their official reaction to the break assertions,

“A news thing has showed up in the press about accessibility of figure/inquiries via web-based networking media identifying with two necessary papers of CSS-2017 Examination, much before genuine lead of the papers. It has been asserted that the real issues in the papers were very comparative. It is stressed that solid and idiot proof systems are set up to keep up mystery and classification of question papers and additionally other related data at the Federal Public Service Commission. It is felt that specific quarters might make an endeavor to cast slanders on the working of FPSC. The matter has been considered important by the Commission and in like manner alluded to Federal Investigation Agency to test and explore the matter.”

FIA Investigation

The FIA is as of now at work on the matter and will take information records from PTV and NADRA over the CSS exam release matter. The woman’s Facebook record has been gotten for ten of her 4856 companions. It has been found that four understudies named Shumaila, Farhan, Ahmed and Huma Anjum were in contact with Sadia Kousar and took papers from her.

Sadia Kousar additionally met with an imperative PTV official on October 16 and went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has likewise gone by India and Saudi Arabia before. Other data has uncovered that she is known as ‘Wilderness kay pir baba’ among her companions.

The FIA is working diligently on discovering reality behind the FPSC outrage.