Haier Launches Turbo Refrigerator Series in Pakistan

It is Haier’s new cooler line up. A sum of 26 models meeting all buyer necessities regarding capacity limit, propelled highlights, imaginative building plan and innovation, top of the line cooling execution and a 10 year service agreement, the longest and most far reaching in the commercial center. The as of late reported Turbo Series are the most exceptional fridges accessible which set new industry measures for long haul dependability, cooling profundity, cooling productivity and cooling maintenance.


Haier Launches Turbo Refrigerator Series in Pakistan
The Turbo arrangement is the quickest cooling icebox line up available today. Turbo arrangement will bring down the temperature to a stunning less 25 degrees when contrasted with short 18 which up to this point was the acknowledged business standard – a noteworthy distinction of less seven degrees. What’s more, it will do this in an expedient two hours, which is an entire one hour quicker than traditional fridges. Cooling proficiency and execution is further improved with Haier’s 5-way cooling framework when contrasted with 3-path cooling of traditional fridges. Thick sides, with additional frothing, consolidated with super-productive all round cooling all through the compartment will keep sustenance crisp for drawn out stretches of time.

Best of all, the Turbo arrangement will begin and perform at voltages as low as 125 volts and hold solidifying temperatures for an astounding 100 hours without power if there should be an occurrence of amplified disturbance in the power supply.

Aside from putting away new foodstuffs, coolers are relied upon to have ice on the prepared all day, every day. Here again Haier out plays out alternate brands. The Turbo arrangement will give strong ice inside 2 hours, no less than one hour quicker than normal fridges. The fixing on the ice is that the Turbo arrangement will keep ice emphatically solidified for up to 100 hours if there should arise an occurrence of finish power separate.

The Turbo Series fridges really pay you back the cost through critical investment funds in the power charge. On account of Haier’s market driving vitality effective innovation you will spare a critical 55% on the month to month operational cost of the fridge.

With everything taken into account Haier’s Turbo arrangement sets numerous new seat stamps, and takes development in refrigeration innovation higher than ever.