JazzCash to digitize transportation installments with Daewoo Express

ISLAMABAD – In accordance with its dedication to give computerized answers for the necessities of today’s clients, JazzCash has banded together with Daewoo Express. Under the assention, explorers can now pay for their held Daewoo ticket through JazzCash.

Discussing the organization, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Chief Digital and Financial Services Officer – Jazz stated, “This understanding permits Daewoo Express to offer installment accommodation and security to its clients. Explorers no longer need to remain in long lines nor achieve the station a hour or two preceding book their tickets. With a dream to digitize money related arrangements, this is only one of the numerous associations we are into guarantee end clients encounter the advantages offered by digitization.”

To use this administration, clients can either visit Daewoo’s authentic site, and pick JazzCash Mobile Account as their method of installment, or book the ticket through Daewoo’s UAN (111-007-008), get the booking number by means of SMS, and afterward pay for the ticket utilizing the Mobile Account or by going to the closest JazzCash retailer. Clients can then visit the committed JazzCash terminals at Daewoo stations to get their ticket.