Obscure Features of Android Smart phones

You may have been utilizing android cell phones from years yet there are many elements of android which may have been obscure to you. So here are the top obscure components of android gadgets:

1) We for the most part end our information toward the begin of the month and later we have scarcely any information remaining, so why not put a point of confinement on the information utilization so regardless you have remaining information toward the finish of the month? Simply open Setting > Data Usage > Set Mobile Data Limit and put a farthest point.

2) You can utilize Google maps regardless of the possibility that you are not on the web, simply download a piece of Google guide which you get to every now and again for instance your city or the region where you often travel.

3) You can diminish battery utilization by change your settings for activity impacts. Simply open Settings – > Developer Options and select Window liveliness scale and change it to 0.5x