PTCL Power Pack


PTCL customers can now avail a PTCL Power Pack with EVO,DSL,IPTV & PSTN at incredible rates!



  • Monthly EVO, DSL, PSTN & Smart TV charges payable with a unified Post-pay bill.
  • Pakistan’s fastest growing coverage network covering 90% of the country’s population.
  • Cruise with matchless speeds of up to 36 Mbps with CharJi EVO and up to 9.3 Mbps with EVO Wingle in 200+ cities across Pakistan.
  • WiFi Hotspot allowing between 5-10 simultaneous connections depending on device type.
  • Mobile broadband Internet that provides you with seamless connectivity.
  • Uninterrupted connectivity with unparalleled DSL Broadband speeds.
  • Watch DVD quality movies, dramas, documentaries and more with VOD (video on demand) & 100+ digital quality TV channels on Smart TV.


  • Freedom to stay connected 24/7 for DSL subscribers at nominal monthly charges.
  • Discounted EVO Devices.


The Power Pack joint promotion offers a tremendous combination of EVO Wireless Broadband, DSL, Smart TV and PSTN. The bundle provides a hassle free unified billing for all 4 services, with a blend of discounted packages across all products. Details of the various Power Packs with volume quotas are displayed below:

Bundle Name Total Volume Monthly Bundle Price Volume Installation Cost
Wireline Wireless Wireline Wireless IPTV
1 Power Pack 3K (4Mpbs + 9.3 Wingle) 100GB Rs. 3,000 70GB 30GB *as per below instructions Rs. 1,500
2 Power Pack 4K  (4 Mbps + Charji *) 200GB Rs. 4,000 175GB 25GB *as per below instructions Rs. 2,500 with Charji Wingle or
Rs. 3,500 with Charji Cloud
3 Power Pack 5K (8Mbps + CharJi * + IPTV) 225GB Rs. 5,000 200GB 25GB *as per below instructions Rs. 2,500 with Charji Wingle or Rs. 5,000