Telenor Pakistan DATA SIM USERS and eating money FRAUDULENTLY 46000


Telenor DATA WINGLE user. and for last 6 weeks, i have spend Rs 3000 for data package but every time i activate the data package. It has some trouble and my money goes into waste. I called HELPLINE on 17 Jan2017 (15 Minutes) and 04 Feb 2017 (50 MINUTES call) and I also visited Customer Care Chaklala Cantt but they have not yet registered my complaint.

Data SIM = 0348-5882059 and cell from which I called is 03214684898 (ported to telenor).

They have problem in their INTERNET BILLING SYSTEM and fine is being paid by CUSTOMER like.

For example, as of today, i activated PACKAGE at 07:58PM for 10 GB and till this moment they have finished data of 7GB as per Telenor COUNTER. Its not possible to use 7GB in 5hours in my home. Once i asked for data usuage details..they are not telling…so this FRAUD of over billing is being done with all customers and they are earning MILLIONS of RUPPEES PROFIT.
Take Care