ZONG 4G Connects Female Doctors at Homes to Patients in Remote Areas



ISLAMABAD – In the remote control town of Mansehra, a clinic powered by Zong 4G & operated by DoctHERs serves the metropolitan slum area in Shahnawaz chowk. 14-year-old Rehmat from the areas is brought to the clinic by his daddy who works as a mechanic.

Dr. Mariya, linked via video link from Lahore, 400 miles away, examines Rehmat with the aid of Raheel, a qualified nurse. Rehmat has night blindness and this is the first time this individual has been diagnosed with the disease.

Rehmat’s father Zahoor, says; “This (health care platform) is a blessing for folks like us who cannot afford high consultant charge of private hospitals. “

In Pakistan, 60% of Medical students are female but the majority drop-out after college graduation due to social & cultural pressures, Dr. Rabya being with one of these. Zong under its CSR program is powering DoctHERs to employ female out of work doctors, connecting them from the comfort & security of their homes to thousands of individuals in marginalized communities.

From the urban slums of Sindh to the hilly mountain range of KPK, Zong has leveraged its widest and speediest 4G footprint across Pakistan to provide online connectivity in 9 telemedicine centers across Pakistan.

The motivation links the urban/rural patients by using paramedics equipped with Zong’s 4G internet and HD video-conferencing. Trained, respected community-based nurses, health employees (CHWs) and midwives (CMWs) assist remotely located female doctHERs in physically analyzing patients at ‘point-of-care’ using diagnostic tools.

In addition to providing connectivity, Zong’s ‘New Hope’ volunteers, conducted community mobilization & consciousness sessions across these towns to stimulate participation in the healthcare venture.

“This is a wonderful initiative to bring quality health care to people from humble backgrounds who do not have access to health facilities and Zong feels proud to have combined with them. We wish that this ground breaking and high impact partnership helps the under-privileged segments of our society through affordable healthcare services in addition to empowering qualified female doctors to work from home, ” explained Zong’s Director Corporate Affairs, Mister Maham Dard.

“As Pakistan’s leading 4G Telecom provider, we feel in empowering people and societies to create exponential social, environmental and business impact, ” this individual further added.

“It is a miracle to finally claim that no longer is there no viable way of connecting the marginalized with a doctor. Connectivity by Zong has now helped doctHERs reach far flung areas. Together we purpose to bring about a great impact, ” said Dr . Sara Khurram, the co-founder of DoctHERs.