Zong Releases its First Ever Corporate Responsibility Social


Zong has released its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report. While the company has engaged in CSR activities ever since its inception, this report marks the first time it has formally compiled its efforts.

After the company rebranded itself last year, it made corporate social responsibility a core part of its wider vision. Compiling Zong’s efforts over the last few years, the report highlights the positive impact the company has made whether it’s through leveraging technology or a more human element.

Liu Dianfeng, Chairman and CEO of China Mobile, said:

    In 2016, we carried forward our vision of a responsible corporate entity by empowering and connecting people through our fastest 3G and 4G services, creating exponential social, environmental and business impact.

Here’s a broad overview of the six main areas in which Zong has conducted CSR activity till date.


Aligned with Zong’s ‘A New Hope’ philosophy, it aims to clock at least 2000 hours of voluntary service in partnership with organizations that impact the lives of millions in Pakistan.

Disaster Relief

Leveraging the power of technology and connectivity, Zong is partnering with companies that use smart health care solutions to help marginalized people in Pakistan.


Facilitating education through ICT has always been a goal of Zong. To this end, they’ve partnered with leading schools and universities across Pakistan.

Social Welfare Initiatives

Zong is working with the Red Crescent Society in a comprehensive social support program that aims for social inclusion through working on the welfare of the less fortunate in society.

Connecting Rural Belts

Zong is bridging the digital divide by connecting parts of Balochistan that are still un-served.

It’s great to see Zong making an effort to highlight how it has given back to the community. Larger organizations and companies have a responsibility towards the countries they operate in and a race to do the most good is certainly one we can get behind.

You can check out Zong’s full CSR Report here. It has details on the specific projects and initiatives made under each of the areas we talked about above.