Zong Weekly SMS Package Subscribe Unsubscribe code


if your network is zong and you want to get details about Zong Weekly SMS Package Code, Subscribe, Unsubscribe method then yes you are at right place because through this page Zong SMS weekly details is available SMS limit numbering ratio details. In Pakistan Zong is one and only company that is running by China private investor. according to my experience
few years ago approximately 4 to 5 years zong is providing very bad network because this company coverage area is very weak but now these days according to different people view Zong is one of the best telecom company that is providing best network connection with different cheap SMS , call and internet packages. SMS is called short message service and through sms people are connecting with each other because this is best and cheap rate for social networking. you just have knowledge different telecom companies is providing SMS services for their network client so if your mobile network is ZONG then avail this company Zong Weekly SMS Package Code, Subscribe, Unsubscribe method in below side .

Zong Weekly SMS Package Code, Subscribe, Unsubscribe

Zong Weekly SMS Package :

  • Through this SMS packages you can get 12,00 SMS for 7 days

Zong Weekly SMS Package Charges:

  • You can just pay one time 10.99 plus tax PKR for 12,00 SMS

Zong Weekly SMS Package Validity:

  • Only 7 days is validity of Zong Weekly SMS Package.

How to Subscribe:

  • If you want to avail this offer then just dial *702#

Method Two:

  • Just type SUB and send this SMS on 700
  • After this SMS you will be received one SMS so reply with 2 and select this sms offer for 7 days

How to Unsubscribe:

  • If you want to Un-subscribe this offer then just send Unsubscribe and send it to 700 numbers

After this Zong Weekly SMS Package Code, Subscribe, Unsubscribe details if you want to get different zong sms packages details like daily and monthly sms then visit this website main home page.