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Enjoy WhatsApp video and voice calls with Pakistan’s no.1 Data Network

Offer Mechanics:

Bundle Price Volume Validity
WhatsApp Daily Bundle Rs. 15 + t/Day 300MB 1 Day

How to Subscribe

Dial *4# to subscribe


What is the maximum duration of voice calls that can be made on the WhatsApp daily bundle?

On average 300KBs/Minute is consumed on WhatsApp voice calls. This translates to upto 17 hrs of voice calls daily!

What is the maximum duration of video calling that can be made on the WhatsApp daily bundle?

The data usage on video call varies from case to case, however on average 2.8 MBs/minute is consumed on WhatsApp video call. This translates to upto 2 hrs of video calls daily!

Can WhatsApp bundle co-exist with other data bundles?

Yes, it can co-exist with all data and hybrid bundles.

Will the WhatsApp daily bundle be renewed automatically?

No, the user has to re-subscribe to the bundle by dialing *4#

What will be the charges after FUP data is consumed?

Out of bundle rate of Rs. 1/MB will apply