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Yaari Load Balance transfer the balance from one prepaid account to other Share the account balance with your Zong Your users. Yaari load lets you transfer the amounts from one prepaid account to many other . To help you to share your balance during the time of emergency and/or gift some amounts to other prepaid numbers . ZONG knows the value of sharing small joy and happiness in life , Yaari load one of these services as loving as it sounds shares the same value . Today you don’t need to bother about your loved ones getting up from credit regular.

ZONG Customers Can Share Balance By Dialing *828#
Step 1:  Simply Dial *828#
Step 2: Enter The Recipient Mobile Number.
Step 3: Enter the amount to be shared.
Step 4: Reply sms with 1 to confirm balance transfer.
Charges: Rs.2+tax as service fee.
Note: Another way to share balance dialing *828*0312xxxxxxx*20#


Zong Request Yaari Load Friends And Family By Dialing *829#
Step 1:  Simply Dial *829#
Step 2: Enter The Mobile Number from whom you want to request balance.
Step 3: Enter the amount to be shared.
Request to FnF: Customers can also request balance by dialing*829*0312xxxxxxx*20#


Validity Of Balance
Balance Amount Share Additional Validity (Incoming & Outgoing)
10 – 50 Rupee 15 days or existing whichever is higher.
51 – 99 Rupee 30 days or existing whichever is higher.
100- 199 Rupee 60 days or the existing whichever is higher.


Terms And Conditions:

  • You can send only 5 times a day through Yaari Load.
  • Minimum of Rs.10 and maximum of Rs.200 can be shared through Yaari Load.
  • Zong Yaari Load is only available for prepaid users.
  • Zong sender will be fee Rs.2+tax for every successful Yaari Load transaction or share and remaining amount will be send to zong receiver.
  • Minimum of Rs.5 in your account after sharing amounts. For example if you have only Rs.13 in your account and you intend to share Rs. 10, you will not be able to do so, since the balance amount will be less than Rs.5.