Damaging PTCL Cables Could Get you 7 Years Jail Term and Rs. 10 Million in Fine

PTCL today distributed an open notice in print daily papers to highlight that its foundation is harmed by assortment of elements including people, private and government development firms, metropolitan, area or common contractual workers, land designers, street manufacturers et cetera.

Organization said that such advancement work and other development exercises result in link cuts (both fiber and copper media) that disturb administrations.

PTCL, in its notice, said that such foundation harm causes benefit interruption to organizations and home clients that eventually prompts to loss of business for some.

Organization said that amid this [infrastructure damage], its clients are persuade that it’s PTCL’s blame. To manage such confusions and administration disturbances, PTCL has said that it will now manage organizations and people bringing about foundation harm — either purposefully or coincidentally — with all conceivable lawful alternatives, which include:

According to Transmit Act 1885, any push to upset PTCL’s foundation can get an individual a sentence of up to three years and fine to cover the framework harm.

According to Pakistan Media transmission Act (1996), any endeavor to disturb telecom framework is managed a jail term of up to three years and fine of up to Rs. 10 million or both.

According to Electronic Exchanges Mandate (2002), anybody making harm telecom foundation can be placed in prison for up to seven years and a fine of up to Rs. 10 million.

Also, PTCL is yet to issue a give an account of its nation wide blackout from December 2016. Amid the episode, PTCL’s landline and DSL administrations were upset the nation over. Close by Ufone and all depending administrators were additionally affected.

PTCL had said that an examination was propelled, be that as it may, no report has been discharged to open up until now.

Rather we have this notice which says that any deliberate or unplanned link cuts will get you behind the bars or up to Rs. 10 million in fines.

The notice is given underneath to your perusing: