Pakistani University Among Top 30 In the Muslim World

In worldwide rankings, we as a whole realize that Pakistani colleges don’t approach the main 500 check. What about among the Muslim world?

For reasons unknown Pakistani colleges don’t stand a shot even among colleges from other Muslim nations. as indicated by another report. The rankings, issued by the Scientometrics Lab of Information Technology University (ITU), demonstrates that not a solitary Pakistani college has made it to the main 30 colleges of the Muslim world.

ITU’s Quality Research Ranking

More than 450 colleges of the Muslim world were positioned keeping in mind the end goal to benchmark the exploration execution of these foundations crosswise over more than 250 branches of knowledge. This included colleges that were occupied with research with the end goal of reinforcing the quality and effect of the same.

Coming towards the positioning, Harvard University in the United States was set as a benchmark with a score of 100. In light of this benchmark, coming in at the lead position with a score of 10.82, on the premise of score, was the King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. At the second place is the University of Malaya in Malaysia that has score of 10.31. Lastly at third place is the University of Tehran, Iran, with a score of 9.98.

The main nations that you would discover in the main 20 of positioning rundown are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia and Egypt. Both Iran and Turkey have 7 colleges each in the main 20, Saudi Arabia has 3, with 2 Malaysian colleges and 1 from Egypt.

Pakistani Universities

The primary Pakistani college that surfaces on the rundown is at the 35th position, the Quaid-e-Azam University with a score of 3.21. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology came in at 41 with a score of 2.83. Coming in at 68th position is the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad with a score of 1.89.

It ought to be noted here that the score of every one of these colleges are out of 100 and even the college that is positioned first on this rundown, does not approach the colleges of the non-Muslim world on the premise of any component, be it quality, inquire about and so on. To place things into viewpoint, on the off chance that you accept that the word’s top college has a score of 100, then the King Abdulaziz University, which is positioned first among the Muslim world, demonstrates a score of only 10.82.

As per the ITU Quality Reseach Ranking, there are two sorts of colleges – Broad and Specialized. Expansive colleges comprise of colleges that are research dynamic in more than 8 trains and fields, though particular colleges comprise of colleges that are just dynamic between 3-8 disciplines.

The above colleges come in the class of wide colleges. To the extent the positioning for specific colleges is concerned, Pakistan gets the sixth position with The Aga Khan University, demonstrating a score of 3.48.

The Vice Chancellor for the Information Technology University, Dr Umar Saif said that tragically that the examination yield of colleges could be controlled so effectively by distributing semi-genuine diaries, self-sorted out meetings and copied comes about.

‘We have to stop this and concentrate on great research. Many people are doing great quality research in Pakistan so there’s nothing incorrectly in the empowering condition. This positioning presents an information driven, autonomous and measured measuring stick on where our colleges remain as far as research yield. Positioning of Pakistani colleges ought to be a reminder for us .’

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