Ptcl USB WiFi Adapter new 2017



Ptcl USB WiFi Adapter new 2017

PTCL’s USB Adapter makes your PC or laptop WiFi enabled, providing the capability to connect to any WiFi network.


  • Delivers up to 150Mbps wireless speed (Wireless N), 4X faster than ordinary wireless G devices.
  • Super Mini design
  • Exquisite and easy to carry
  • Eliminates the Need to Install Internal Hardware
  • Eliminates the Need to Run Cables Throughout the Entire House or Office
  • Eliminates the Need to Upgrade a Computer
  • Can Be Used/Swapped on Multiple Devices
  • Very affordable


  • You can purchase USB WiFi Adapter for only Rs. 500/-.

How to Buy

  • For information dial 0800 8 0800. Available at any PTCL Smart Shop.