UBL President, Senior Management Stopped From Attending a Foreign Conference

Leader of Joined Bank Restricted, Senior administration and a few authorities were gotten back to from Airplane terminal today when they were going to get onto a plane to go to a remote meeting, we have checked.

This extremely uncommon circumstance activated bits of gossip and word was that Mr. Wajahat Hussain, President UBL, alongside somewhere in the range of 300 representatives were let go on heading of State Bank of Pakistan.

SBP, be that as it may, has denied this.

Abid Qamar, State Bank of Pakistan’s representative, while talking with ProPakistani denied any such bits of gossip and said that national bank has not issued any headings for change in administration of UBL.

SBP Representative elucidated that, as a controller, it didn’t issue any kind of notice for evacuation of president or whatever other senior administration.

He, in any case, said that State Bank had issued a roundabout yesterday, requesting that all banks maintain a strategic distance from any un-important outside excursions.

He said that SBP’s yesterday’s roundabout could be a purpose behind cancelation of remote visit of UBL authorities.

State Bank has taken genuine notice of the circumstance and has requested that UBL administration clear up its position.

“We are expecting an announcement from UBL soon” SBP Representative said.

UBL’s representative couldn’t be gone after a perspective.