Ufone Launches Football Championship In Balochistan 2017

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Ufone is propelling a football title in Balochistan with the point of giving trying footballers from the area the chance to demonstrate their grit and become well known. Balochistan is an essential locale for Ufone, as the brand appreciates fame among the area’s childhood. Balochistan happens to be home to a considerable measure of gifted individuals

Ufone dispatches Football Championship crosswise over four urban communities in Balochistan including Khuzdar, Chaman, Pashin and Quetta for schools, universities, colleges and clubs. Taking an interest establishments will be given a chance to bolt horns with each other and win the Ufone Football Cup.

Ufone Launches Football Championship In Balochistan

Ufone mark envoy and national football group star Fazal Mohammad will partake in the competition. He will be a wellspring of motivation for whatever remains of the rising footballers who can take a gander at Fazal’s ascent and push on to accomplish their groups.

This football title is a continuation of Ufone’s endeavors to give stage to youth. Additionally the competition will fill in as an incredible open door for youthful and sprouting footballers from Balochistan who, regardless of their tremendous abilities, are not ready to accomplish their fantasies as a result of an absence of sufficient open doors.

The competition commences from April 17, 2017

Ufone intends to give a stage to these youthful footballers so they can grandstand their ability and advance toward greater and better profession prospects. The competition is relied upon to be broadly canvassed in neighborhood media, accordingly giving the genuinely necessary presentation to the playing groups.

“Ufone solidly trusts that there is no absence of ability in Pakistan and needs to assume its part in recognizing potential and giving a stage to sustain it,”

said Adnan Anjum Head of Marketing Ufone.


Football is greatly well known in Balochistan and we are eager to see the area’s ability go up against each other. Who knows we may deliver the following enormous footballer out of this competition who could go on and make a name for the nation!


The title will have a qualifying round where numerous groups from every city will play each other to win the opportunity to speak to their city. The eight champs of the qualifying round will contend each other in the quarter-finals. Nonetheless, in the following round, the triumphant group from each of the four urban areas will play their semi-last recreations. In addition, the champs will get an opportunity to inspire football experts in a prominent last match and win the fabulous trophy.

The competition commences from April 17, 2017 and the last show match will be hung on May 04, 2017 in Quetta.