Ufone Launches New TVC on Super Minutes



Ufone has propelled another TVC on Super minutes spinning around client accommodation. The Ad has concentrated on the useful properties of Super Minutes. TThe new TVC has presented Ufone’s new image minister, Humaira Anjum whose life is made less complex on account of Super Mintues.

Ufone arrangements to promote the accommodation that Super minutes offers by presenting Humaira Anjum. Super minutes is the way to remain cheerful during the time which is fundamentally the same as the plan of action she runs; making nourishment and pitching it in tiffins to the individuals who don’t have room schedule-wise for it.

Ufone Launches New TVC on Super Minutes

Here is the TVC on Super Minutes:

Humaira adapted at an opportune time in life that going up against obligations can challenge. Her mom passed away when she was just four and being the eldest sister in the house, she rapidly took up obligations around the house, juggling between her instruction and home tasks. Just in eighth grade, she quit her instruction and got hitched and life changed for her once more.

As far back as she was a newborn child, she had been especially enthusiastic about cooking, extraordinarily after her mom’s destruction when it nearly turned into a routine for her to plan sustenance for her family. Having figured out how to appreciate the little joys of life; when troublesome circumstances enclosed the family, Humaira by and by chose to take things in her grasp and began her own particular sustenance business which has now turned out to be genuinely eminent ‘Dastarkhuwan’.

The mother of three kids and one grandchild, Humaira has figured out how to find real success and her family having taught her youngsters and being there for them while working all day with her nourishment business which has gotten uncommon reaction in the market. She has a set up a nourishment put ‘Sustenance Factory’ in Executive Towers, Clifton, Karachi where she spends the larger part lump of her time, encouraging individuals her home-made delectable sustenance that is a joy for all. She emerged her affection for cooking and encouraging individuals and assembled something for her regardless of the different stride backs she confronted in life.

She has a set up a sustenance put ‘Nourishment Factory’ in Executive Towers, Clifton, Karachi

It is individuals like her and stories like these that make you understand how clutching the littlest of things in life notwithstanding while everything else appears to be too hard can help you discover your direction. Conditions never show signs of change and there will dependably be a certain something or another, it is dependent upon us how we as people discover arrangements and figure out how to make the best of what time brings to the table.

Humaira Anjum has been accepted by Ufone as its image envoy and is a piece of the organization’s most recent promotion crusade with respect to Super Minutes. She is likewise a key highlight of the bloggers’ get together hung on Friday, April 21, 2017.