Ufone highlights another uncommon Pakistani as its Brand Ambassador

Ufone highlights another extraordinary pk

Ufone keeps on working with remarkable individuals of Pakistan who are leaving their stamp in the general public by exhibiting immovable responsibility regarding enterprise and achieving accomplishment through inclination and sheer diligent work. Presently Ufone highlights another unprecedented Pakistani as its Brand Ambassador.

The telecom administrator concentrates on an exceptional way to deal with their battles and uses the stage to recognize these endeavors of apparently everyday citizens who are a wellspring of motivation to a large number of Pakistanis.

From Parveen Saeed of KhanaGhar, a social specialist; to Ghina Shamsi, a honing specialist; and Humaira Anjum, a business visionary with an independent venture; Ufone has highlighted the accomplishments of these unprecedented ladies whose lives can fill in as an inspiration to other men and ladies of Pakistan.

Ufone highlights another phenomenal Pakistani as its Brand Ambassador

Additionally, Ufone included Fazal Muhammad, a youthful and skilled footballer and Hayat Achakzai, a gold medallist boxer in their current crusades and highlighted triumphs of these talented sportsmen.

These shinning stars moved toward becoming brand envoys for Ufone and advanced the utilization of innovation and how it had any kind of effect in their lives. To proceed with this custom of presenting standard Pakistanis and their remarkable accomplishments in different strolls of life, Ufone has presented Malik Zia ur Rehman in a bloggers occasion in Lahore on 19 June, 2017.

Ufone is currently working with the gifted and venturesome Zia ur Rehman as its image minister. Zia, 39 years of age, has effectively been running a lease an auto benefit for as long as five years in Rawalpindi and Islamabad with a developing clients and speculators’ base.

In his brief yet astounding voyage, Zia ur Rehman has given extraordinary administrations to his clients as well as turn into a wellspring of living for the groups of his eight specialists who have been related with him for a significant long time.

“I have a customer base of more than 100 associations which are ready regarding my lease an auto benefit”,

Zia said.

“A large portion of my customers are utilized at either universal NGOs or worldwide Embassies.”

“I have a little organization and just 18 autos to meet necessities of our colossal client base, which we figure out how to do great by the beauty of Allah.”

The nature of administrations he gives is key to his business and this is overseen by them through fast correspondence between the focal office, drivers of the autos and clients. Innovation he can depend and rely on upon is of most extreme significance.

“With a few administration orders from different clients close by, managing representatives or illuminating money related matters, are altogether done in tight calendars. My secretary, which is my cell phone, helps me deal with this by giving me unswerving and predictable administrations. In my business, steady correspondence is the key particularly when you need to take critical and quick choices”

Zia shares.

“Because of the office of dependable cell phone benefit, I can deal with all inquiries of our clients including booking of rides, managing drivers and administering support of autos.”

Mr Zia set up a business in mid 90’s and it became enormously over the time of one and half decade. The quantity of administration requests and resources he possessed were restricted around then and could be overseen through a landline benefit telephone.

As his business developed, he expected to quickly interface with his clients, laborers and speculators all the time even on ends of the week or on open occasions.

Zia has been a Ufone client for quite a while. His involvement with the system and the Ufone benefit bundles has been brilliant. His tremendous necessity of correspondence is met through the constrained cost that Ufone Super Card offers.