Zong 4G Launches its Graduate Trainee Program for 2017



Zong 4G Launches its Graduate Trainee Program for 2017 which is a mark ability improvement program for crisp graduates. Since 2013, Zong 4G has taken incredible pride in supporting crude ability to end up noticeably the pioneers in their separate fields. A year ago Zong employed around 50 Graduate Trainees from top colleges across the nation with occupation parts in various divisions, for example, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Information Technology and Procurement.

Zong 4G Launches its Graduate Trainee Program for 2017

Zong is Pakistan’s No. 1 Data Network and leads the broadcast communications classification with its unmatched 4G involvement in more than 250 urban areas. With this ability chase program, Zong wishes to additionally impel its vision of changing the way of life of Pakistani individuals by enrolling Pakistan’s top ability in the reason for a computerized insurgency.

Named as “Pioneers really taking shape” this program is intended for skilled new graduates, who try to wind up noticeably future Leaders in their separate areas. Under the program, Graduates are procured as through a far reaching and straightforward appraisal prepare. The employed ability is then prepared through a customized advancement arrange.

With a slogan of “Adventure to the Best” the program incorporates Job Rotation, Trainings, Coaching and Mentoring for a time of up to year and a half. This arrangement helps GTOs to get to know the corporate culture and collaborate with various divisions to develop and appreciate this most optimized plan of attack profession way.

Instructions to Apply for Graduate Trainee Program for 2017:

Center Areas:

Business (Sales and Marketing)


Data Technology

Qualification Criteria:

Age: 26 years or underneath at the season of enlisting

Training: Fresh Graduates with taking after degrees; BBA/MBA, Bachelors/Masters of Engineering (Telecom/Electrical/Electronics), Bachelors/Masters of Information Technology or proportional.

Score/CGPA: Minimum 2.7 CGPA or 70% imprints

Work Experience: Not over 01 year

Last Date to Apply: May 21, 2017